Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

The Paper Kites are an Indie Folk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that released their Bloom EP near the end of last year, and are currently sitting on the latest Woodland EP, yet to be released. Today they released the first single, Featherstone. The song is carried by choked eighth-note guitar strums and airy finger plucking. The Paper Kites makes use of their signature overdubbing to give the song an even more ethereal feel. This sweet chime is topped off with ticklish lyrics that soothe. Download is available for free here.

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  1. So much love! The Paper Kites are incredible. :)

  2. Yo, not to creep on your blog or anything, but this is the third thing that comes up when you google "how to play featherstone by the paper kites." Feel special.
    <3, Pamplemousse (I also wrote the above comment... duh...)

  3. Love Love Love is all I have for them.