Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflection on Senior Project

I apologize for the hiatus, summer and fun have been keeping me away from the blog.

I've realized a couple things:

1) I can not guarantee one song post per day. As I look back on the work I did during the senior project break, all of the songs I chose were amazing, and yet my description and scarcity of analysis portrays a shallowness that I want to avoid.

2) Not all of my posts will be song posts. Now that Senior Project is over, I can transform and remold this blog into something that I (and you) can thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. Because of my musical leanings, I hope to expand the scope of my posts to include opinions and research, explanation of musical concepts, analysis of all types of music, and good 'ol self-improvement logs for guitar, singing, piano, and drums.

And so yeah. Look forward to future posts!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

The Paper Kites are an Indie Folk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that released their Bloom EP near the end of last year, and are currently sitting on the latest Woodland EP, yet to be released. Today they released the first single, Featherstone. The song is carried by choked eighth-note guitar strums and airy finger plucking. The Paper Kites makes use of their signature overdubbing to give the song an even more ethereal feel. This sweet chime is topped off with ticklish lyrics that soothe. Download is available for free here.

Support this band!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On

Dream Theater are a progressive metal supergroup that are 25 years into their career. Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory is a concept album that they released in 1999, and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of their music. The Spirit Carries On is an epiphany in context with the story arch found in the album, showcasing background vocals by Theresa Thomason, John Petrucci's tasteful solo, and James Labrie's range of whispers and hollers. This epic is awesome to sing to; like an underrated Don't Stop Believin'. Learn the lyrics and annoy your friends.

Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová - You Aint Goin' Nowhere

You Ain't Going Nowhere is originally by Bob Dylan, and there are several different versions with varying lyrics. The movie is basically about six different actors embodying Dylan's life through one form or another. When I discovered this song, it came to me as a happy little tune that gave me a break from all the metal and rock. Bob Dylan's essential touch is left in the songwriting; the lyrics are concise and extremely expressive. The acoustic guitar and snazzy harmonica bring a quiet energy to the song that supports Hansard's and Irglova's voices on a green and lively pasture. Enjoy the Dylan, watch the movie!

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

Manchester Orchestra is a band that was just recently introduced to me. Another indie rock band, they are able to distinguish themselves with amazingly original material and superb lyricism.  The song begins at a slow, watch-the-clock-tick pace that is raised with lengthy power chords and the pulse of a surfer guitar. On top of a really weird music video, the melodies are reminiscent of a Death Cab for Cutie wanna-be supplemented with string orchestration. Nevertheless, this song is worth a listen, the music video worth more than several watches to analyze and enjoy. Support this band buy buying their newest album.

The Antlers - Bear

The Antlers are an indie rock band that came out with their critically acclaimed Hospice album in 2009. Peter Silberman is the frontman of the group, and is creatively responsible for the songs. Possibly autobiographical to a certain extent, Silberman crafts a masterful concept album about an emotionally abused relationship. "Bear" is a tired lullaby that reverberates in solitude; his words are spoken in retrospect. The chorus brings the song to life as drums, horns, and electric guitar fill the space that the verses have.

They recently released Burst Apart, please support this band.

The Dear Hunter - Black Sandy Beaches

Today I'm posting plenty of songs for those of you who have been following my blog.

The Dear Hunter began as Casey Crescenzo's side project while in The Receiving End of Sirens. Now, Casey is working full time in The Dear Hunter and commenced the creation of a six-album story arch in 2006. The band uses a large array of instrumentation (strings, horns, guitars, drums, and more) and genre styles throughout his albums, from a cappella harmonies to shoegazing to metal. Black Sandy Beaches comes off of Act III in the 6 part story arch. The aching lyrics, soothing tremolo picking and three-four time make this song a longing waltz, alone in your bedroom.I highly recommend you buy and listen to all three albums; this song is only a peak into The Dear Hunter's genius.