Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflection on Senior Project

I apologize for the hiatus, summer and fun have been keeping me away from the blog.

I've realized a couple things:

1) I can not guarantee one song post per day. As I look back on the work I did during the senior project break, all of the songs I chose were amazing, and yet my description and scarcity of analysis portrays a shallowness that I want to avoid.

2) Not all of my posts will be song posts. Now that Senior Project is over, I can transform and remold this blog into something that I (and you) can thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. Because of my musical leanings, I hope to expand the scope of my posts to include opinions and research, explanation of musical concepts, analysis of all types of music, and good 'ol self-improvement logs for guitar, singing, piano, and drums.

And so yeah. Look forward to future posts!